Call for Abstracts









The Conference Program Committee is inviting submission of abstracts from interested researchers, academics, practitioners and industry partners across the following four categories:

  • Quality Student WIL Experiences
  • Quality WIL Curriculum Design
  • Quality Institutional Practice, Leadership, Governance, and WIL Administrative Support
  • Quality Stakeholder Engagement

You may be the lead on ONE presentation only, regardless of presentation type. Presentations that involve joint authorship with students, industry and community partners are encouraged. Early career researchers and research students are also encouraged to contribute abstracts.

The abstract maximum word count is 250 words. You should also advise separately how your abstract aligns to the conference theme (an additional max. 100 words).

Roundtables – describe the key take-aways for participants (max. 100 words).
Panels – provide panellist names and affiliations (max 5 panellists) and advise if you require 20 or 40 mins.

Submission deadline: 31 May 2024

Presentation Types

Showcase Presentation

The aim of these sessions is to engage your audience and showcase something that you do or have found that could be interesting to other people in the field.

TIME: 20 mins

TIP: Try to focus on a few key points in depth, rather than present many large and/or complex ideas at once

Roundtable Discussion

The aim of these sessions is to inform your audience and help them develop some new ideas or play with a concept. In a roundtable there is more room for complex ideas and making connections between them is this format. 

TIME: 40 mins

TIP: Participants should leave your session with some key take-away. You might consider a workshop style exercise, break out groups or some other means of using prompts and activities to achieve this. 

Panel Discussion

The aim of these sessions is to stimulate conversation. It is a chance to explore a key topic or conference theme in an informal discussion. You might use a panel format with multiple guest/expert speakers, or a single speaker to open a conversation with the audience.  

TIME: 20 or 40 mins

TIP: What hot topic do you want to explore that you think people want to talk about?  

Pecha Kucha

The aim of these sessions is to provide a quick summary of an idea or an innovation.  The presentation is short and sharp. Typically, a Pecha Kucha is no more than 20 seconds per slide.  

TIME: 5 mins

TIP: Short, sharp and engaging.  


A poster is a great way to engage the audience over the various breaks during the conference. This is a way of sharing your ideas/research/innovations without having to take the stage and speak in front of others; they could also be a great conversation starter.   

TIME: Discuss during poster session.

TIP: Try to convey your research and/or innovations in an eye-catching and informative style. 

I want to:Present my ideas/workStart a conversationHelp others
Pecha Kucha


For questions about abstract content, contact the conference and program chairs:
Leoni Russell at
Wayne Read at

Having issues with the submission process? Contact Julie Jerbic at or telephone 0402 189 948.